The 7 Best Tips About Game Of Thrones Wall Decor

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Ah, Game of Thrones: the show that made us gasp in terror, sob in hopelessness, and yell at our TVs in pain and joy. Whether you were sad about the conclusion or adored it, integrating a bit of Westeros into your castle always stays in style. What? Of course, through the ethereal artwork of Game of Thrones wall decor!

Although we hope that winter won’t arrive, you can call upon the spirit of the Seven Kingdoms directly on your walls. Let’s explore the abundant realm of Game of Thrones artwork, which has the power to make your house seem appropriate for a king or queen.

Top Game of Thrones wall decor Ideas for You!

Game of Thrones Wallpaper ideas

·        1. Sigils of the Noble House:

Game of Thrones dragon wallpaper

Showing off the recognizable sigils of the aristocratic families is the perfect method to demonstrate allegiance. Picture your walls adorned by the formidable dragon of House Targaryen, the beautiful lion of House Lannister, or the vicious direwolf of House Stark. Even if your kingdom is simply a tiny apartment, you’ll feel like a prince or lady of the realm.

·        2.The Iron Throne on your walls:

Game of Thrones Iron Throne wallpaper

Even though you might not be competing for the real Iron Throne (sigh, that’s a relief), having a small facsimile on your wall could still be pleasant. Think of it as a way to discuss: “Oh, that? Yes, let me reiterate that I am the rightful owner of the Seven Kingdoms.”

·        3. Game of Thrones Westeros map:

Game of Thrones Westeros map wallpaper

It feels powerful to chart your favorite characters’ adventures across a map of Westeros. When you can follow Daenerys or Arya Stark’s footsteps throughout the Seven Kingdoms, who needs a GPS? It’s also an excellent method to remember the location of King’s Landing forever.

·        4. Game of Thrones Wallpaper by Valar Morghulis:

Game of Thrones wallpaper All men must die frame

Valar Morghulis: “all men must die”. Though morbid, this line is dear to every fan’s heart. A chic Game of Thrones wall art for living room featuring this quote might serve as a subliminal reminder to live life to the fullest, ideally by binge-watching more Game of Thrones.

·        5. Portraits in Pop Art:  Fantastic Game of Thrones Art

Cersei Lannister Wallpaper

Have you ever imagined Jon Snow or Cersei Lannister as pop art? No more wondering. Many colorful, quirky images give your favorite characters a contemporary makeover. Imagine Tyrion in vivid neon hues—a work of art sure to liven up any space!

·        6. Powerful Game of thrones Quotations:

Game of thrones wall decor quotes

There were many noteworthy quotes from the show. These quotes etched on your wall—from Tyrion’s humor to Arya’s fierceness—can be motivating and frightening for unwanted guests. When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die ” could be a good way to create the mood!

·        7. Oath of Night’s Watch: Game of Thrones canvas

Game of thrones oath of night's watch

While you might not need to recite the Night’s Watch oath, having it written in Old Tongue and English on your wall could add a mysterious element to your room if you can say that without stuttering; extra points!

How to Design Your Throne Room: Game of Thrones Wall Decor

Game of thrones wallpaper Throne room

Recall that selecting the ideal Game of Thrones art for walls is more than simply interior design—it’s about actualizing your enthusiasm. Choose pieces that speak to you. This is your chance to create a miniature version of Westeros in your house without the complicated politics or looming conflict. Maybe it will add even more epicness to binge-watching the series for the nth time!

Where Can I Find These Game of Thrones Treasures?

You may be wondering now where one may find these jewels appropriate for a shrine in Westeros. Don’t worry, though; many online retailers are selling everything from expensive  Game of Thrones metal wall arts to inexpensive prints. Wall art online includes Game of Thrones posters, Game of Thrones wallpapers, and many more stuff under categories such as Game of Thrones fan art.  For such finds, Etsy, Amazon, Redbubble, and even specific Game of Thrones goods stores are gold mines.

Final Words on Game of Thrones Wall Decor:

There you have it, then. Hanging artwork from Game of Thrones on your walls is a great way to bring the spirit of one of the greatest TV shows ever created into your home, not only for aesthetic reasons. It’s a means of maintaining the fandom flame that burns brighter than Drogon’s fire.

Keep in mind that in the wall art game, you decorate, or rather, you decorate, but you do it with flair, enthusiasm, and a dash of Westerosi opulence. “Winter is coming… to my living room!” should reverberate off your walls.

Winter is coming Game of thrones wallpaper

Now let your inner king go, and may your walls be as magnificent as the Red Keep’s halls!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Game of Thrones, what does the wall protect?

Game of thrones wall

One of the main mysteries surrounding Game of Thrones is the building of the 700-foot wall, and there is some doubt as to what transpired. The wall, a well-known feature in Westeros’ extreme north, was finally destroyed in the season 7 finale to prevent the White Walkers from entering human territory.

·        In Game of Thrones, who built the wall?

Nearly 8,000 years before the start of the series, Brandon the Builder of House Stark constructed it as a defense against the return of the White Walkers or Others. Some claim Giants assisted in its construction.

·        What spells does the wall hold?

Benjen Stark Game of Thrones

In the Season 6 conclusion, Benjen Stark, known as Coldhands, informs Bran and Meera that “the Wall is not just ice and stone.” Strong magic, built into the foundation to shield men from what lay beyond, was a testament to ancient spells. And the dead cannot pass while it is in place.”

·        Is a theme required for a house?

With all of these things taken into account, it would seem very likely that you should have a certain theme for your house so that you may express your ideas, goals, and passions on a canvas, which just so happens to be your beautiful home. In this manner, you’ll enjoy decorating it, and your house will achieve equilibrium!

·        What’s the central thesis of The Game of Thrones?

The story revolves around a struggle for power—who has it, who wants it, and how they intend to obtain it. Amidst concerns of ethics, morality, and familial ties, there are entwined themes of honor, justice, retribution, and redemption.

·        What genre does Game of Thrones fall under?

Life and people. Because Game of Thrones is a fantasy epic but portrays the inevitability of life, humanity’s flaws and strengths, and our struggles in a remarkably realistic manner, we truly enjoy it.

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