Bed with TV in Footboard: The Perfect Addition to Your Home

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Hi there, compulsive watchers and sleep aficionados! We have a gift in store for you if you’ve ever imagined a world where bedtime and Netflix time coexist harmoniously. We’re exploring the fascinating world of footboard-mounted TV beds today—the game-changer your bedroom has been secretly begging for!

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• The Bed of Dreams: A Comfort-Entertainment Blend

Imagine this: after a demanding day, you only want to curl up in your bed’s cozy embrace. But there’s still more! You’ve just upped the ante on relaxing with a TV snuggled nicely into the footboard. Your eyes naturally rest on the entertainment hub, so no more straining your neck or awkwardly pushing pillows up to watch the newest episode of your favorite program!

• The Practical Magic of Bed with TV in Footboard: Aesthetics Meets Functionality

Now, let’s discuss pragmatism. It’s not just a gimmick but a brilliant idea to have a TV built into the footboard of a bed. It’s the ideal combination of style and utility. There are no more bulky TV stands or ugly wall mounts that take up valuable space. Your bedroom becomes a sleek, contemporary haven where you only have to decide before dozing off whether to watch a romantic comedy or a thriller.

Naturally, we don’t want to stop there and toss a TV in the footboard. Above all, we want to binge-watch in peace. We also wish to style and class. To assist you in navigating the world of beds with TVs in the footboard, here is a small table:

·        Features of Bed with TV in Footboard: Why You’ll Love It

Bed with TV in Footboard FeaturesReasons to Love Bed with TV in footboard
Smooth IntegrationThe TV becomes a natural part of your sleep routine; there are no more messy setups or embarrassing situations.
Space-Saving MagnificenceAn efficient and fabulous bedroom awaits you, so bid adieu to bulky TV stands.
Management of CordsTangled cables? Not in the bedroom of our dreams. An integrated cord management system keeps everything organized.
Integrated SpeakersImprove your audio experience without buying more sound equipment.
Comes with a remote controlBecause it’s so last season to have to get out of bed to find the remote.
LED lighting surrounding the televisionAn added touch of ambient lighting provides even more opulence.
Various Size SelectionsThere’s a TV footboard bed to fit any area, whether you like a compact queen or a roomy king.

Pro Tips to Make the Most of Your Bedtime Happiness from TV beds

Let’s discuss pro tips now. We are here to give you information and want to transform your bedroom into a happy, peaceful haven.

·        Pro Tip #1: Get a Comfortable Mattress

After all, if you’re not comfy, what good is a TV in your footboard? Make the switch to a cloud-like mattress; your back will appreciate it.

·        Pro Tip #2: Manage the Light

comfotable mattresss

To create the ideal viewing environment, think about adding blackout curtains or shades. Watching movies in bed has never been more comfortable!

·        Pro Tip #3: Managing Your Cables is Your Friend

An untidy mass of cables is disliked by all. To keep everything organized, use cable organizers or clips. Your future self will appreciate it when you’re not battling a jungle of wires.

·        Pro Tip #4: Personalize Your Bedding

Furnish your bed haven with fashionable sheets, toss cushions, and warm blankets to add a unique touch. Make it a place that expresses your individuality and lifts the mood.

·        Pro Tip #5: Select TV Series Carefully

Not every show is appropriate for bedtime. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, stay away from cliffhangers and intense thrillers. Instead, choose comforting documentaries or feel-good comedy.

TV Beds: Benefits & Drawbacks

Because of its innovative way of incorporating television into the bed frame, TV beds have grown in popularity. Let’s look at the benefits and downsides:

·        Pros of bed with TV in footboard:

1.                   Convenience:

TV beds have built-in TVs, so you can watch your favorite movies or series without carrying an additional TV stand.

2.                  Space-Saving:

TV beds maximize available space by removing the need for an additional TV stand, which makes them perfect for compact bedrooms.

3.                  Storage Options:

Built-in shelves or drawers are a standard feature on TV beds, adding extra area to keep your bedroom neat and clutter-free.

·        Cons of TV Beds:

1.                  Higher Cost:

Money Dollar

Because TV beds have an integrated TV mechanism and extra functions, they may be more expensive than standard bed frames. So, it is certain that bed with TV in footboard price is higher.

2.                  Installation and Setup:

Modern bed with built-in TV need extra installation and setup, which can call for expert help. This includes wiring and TV placement.

3.                  Restrictions:

Because the TV is built into the bed frame, there may be fewer TV-size options for TV beds. A queen bed with TV in footboard or a king bed with TV in footboard are the popular options.

Purchase a TV bed: things to think about

Girl in Red color Thinking

Before purchasing a TV bed, there are a few things to consider if you decide it’s the ideal fit. We would advise considering the following:

·        • Bed dimensions

Consider the dimensions of your intended TV bed and how it will fit in your room. It’s essential to remember that TV beds are a little longer than standard beds because the footboard has extra space for storing your TV. Ensure adequate space underneath the bed for any drawers or wardrobe doors to open.

 Most of these beds are double bed with TV in footboard. A king-size TV bed or a super king will give you more room to relax.

·        • TV size

The TV storage compartment’s dimensions differ depending on the bed base. Make sure the compartment size of the bed frame you’re purchasing is appropriate for the TV you currently own. Having a larger screen is usually unnecessary because you will be lying near the TV.

·        • Special features

From your bed, what do you want? Do you only want a basic TV bed, or do you also wish for anything with extra special features? Most TV beds are jam-packed with features, such as integrated speakers that you can quickly link to your TV using the provided mechanisms to enjoy a movie theater experience.

Additionally, you may get fantastic tech beds with USB charging outlets to power your phone or tablet and full sophisticated LED illumination. You will constantly want to stay in bed because of the many entertainment options!

·        • Options for storage

People with limited room frequently question designers, “Do TV beds have under-bed storage?” Indeed, they have a wide variety of storage possibilities! An ottoman TV bed is an even better option if you’re looking to maximize the space in your bedroom. These beds come with lift-up under-bed storage to keep clothes, extra sheets, or any other needs, and a convenient area for a TV.

How to install a modern bed with TV in footboard in 12 easy steps

It’s time to arm yourself! However, we have some advice for you to keep in mind as you go on your bed-building mission. To avoid surprises, make sure you assemble your TV bed in the room where it will be used. You should also familiarize yourself with all the necessary equipment and parts and ensure everything is present by carefully reading the instructions several times.

Everything in its proper place? Okay, let’s start constructing.

What will you require?

Recall that the exact assembly technique may differ depending on the bed model, so always follow the instructions that come with the bed you select. Additionally, two persons can install a TV bed more quickly, so if feasible, attempt to enlist help.

·        1. Prepare your area and make room.

Make sure the room where the bed will be placed has enough space to assemble the frame comfortably and arrange all the components you’ll need to finish the build. We advise setting up a workspace that is 2.5 m x 2.5 m. If you are concerned about scratching floors, place a protective pad or sheet down.

·        2. Ensure that every part is there.

Before beginning the assembly, please remove all the equipment from its packaging and ensure all the parts are there. Depending on your chosen model, stores will give you special tools like Allen keys and spanners. To make things easier, we advise you to list the parts and tools needed for each phase of the process and to keep them close at hand before beginning.

·        3. Assemble the side rails and headboard.

Make sure you have the “DVD/Media Compartment” side rail positioned on the correct side of the bed before assembling the components. Repeat on the other side. Loosen the headboard bolts and hook the side rail over them without taking them out.

·        4. Adjust the “Media/DVD Compartment.”

Using the included screws, fasten the side and rear panels of the “DVD/Media Compartment” to the base panel and the side rail of the bed base that you had previously selected.

·        5. Put the footboard together.

Once the footboard has been carefully removed from its packing, ensure you have all the necessary tools. Carefully remove the remote and any additional hardware with a string fastening on it. When finished, raise the footboard upright and undo the bolts without taking them out. Over the bolts on either side of the footboard, hook the side rails. You’ve completed your simple TV bed frame!

·        6. Fasten the center rail.

Insert the center rail into the appropriate brackets on the headboard and footboard cautiously. On the head and foot ends, make sure all the screws and nuts are tight.

·        7. Install the TV mechanism and media fixtures.

Connect the power cable to the footboard, headboard, and footboard power adapters, following the instructions that came with your selected TV bed. After that, attach the power cord plug to a functional main power source. Turn on the plug, listen for the “power on” sound, and watch for the power adapter and amplifier to light up red. After making sure, attach the colored RCA cables to the matching colored connectors on the headboard hub and footboard amplifier.

·        8. Align the remote controller.

After the bed has been put together and powered on, remove the plug from the wall. Hit the “ON” button at the remote control’s top. Next, press and hold down the “UP” button for the TV lift. Turn on the main power supply while keeping your finger on the “UP” button; release it only when the TV Lift begins to function. It should take about five seconds for this to occur. If required, repeat.

·        9. Set up and attach every media wire.

Before installing the TV, ensure all the necessary wires are in place, such as the HDMI, TV Aerial, TV power, etc. Make use of the cable management holes to keep everything organized and snag-free. “TV” is prominently marked on the PowerPoint for the power cable. Please be aware that the wiring for your TV connection may differ based on the model of your TV bed, so carefully follow the instructions.

·        10. Adjust the TV tray

Without the TV stand, adjust the TV tray to the height of your TV. Please take note of its size and loosen the tray’s bolts a little with the included Allen key. Before fastening the nuts, adjust the TV vertical bar to the proper height for your TV. When installed, the TV should neatly rest below the Gooseneck if fitted correctly.

·        11. Set Up Your TV

With your body behind the footboard, slowly raise the TV mechanism to its highest position and lift it from behind. Making sure the Gooseneck is snug on top of the TV and aligned with the horizontal center of the TV, carefully lay the TV on top of the rubber TV mounting pedestals. Assemble the TV bracket and attach all of the cables to the television.

·        12. Put the TV bed base together.

Ensure you have everything you need to put your slatted bed foundation together. Put the end and center caps on each slat. Before fitting the end caps into the side rail supports, push the middle cap into the center rail first, with the slat arching upward.

Well done! You’ve constructed a TV bed!

Now, you only need a comfortable mattress for the ideal night’s sleep.

• Conclusion: Since Every Dreamer Is Deserving of a Dream Bed

In summary, a bed featuring a TV in the footboard is more than simply a piece of furniture—it enhances your way of life. It’s the comfortable haven where sleeping and your favorite television series coexist. Thus, if you’ve been thinking of remodeling your bedroom, go ahead and do it. You’ll be grateful to your future self—the one curled up in bed with a remote in hand.

Because life is brief, make the most of every bedtime!

Happy viewing and sweet dreams! 🌞🍿

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·        Can a TV bed fit any kind of TV?

What TVs fit in your TV bed will depend on their size. To fit perfectly inside the bed frame, your TV must be slim and not more comprehensive than the footboard or lifting mechanism.

·        Do TV beds come with TVs?

TVs are not typically found in TV beds. A TV bed is a unique bed frame with a mechanism in the footboard to raise and lower the TV. They are made to fit any TV you pick (that fits!) or your existing TV. They don’t already have the TV with them because of this. Verify the measurements again to make sure your preferred TV will fit!

·        How do TV beds get power?

TV beds are connected to standard power outlets. There is space for the main cable to travel beneath the bed and connect to an external plug, and the wires and leads are securely stowed out of sight inside the bed frame. You might require an extension lead to reach the plug socket because it’s not always near your bed.

·        Can a TV bed have an Xbox or a Sky box in it?

Indeed, a TV bed can accommodate an Xbox or a Sky box. Most TV beds even include a designated slot inside the footboard to accommodate any extra technology and wiring.

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