Who We Are?

About Our MissioN

Jenny and Monz was founded on the principle that any blank wall can be brought to life with the right creative post. We’re passionate about using wall art to transform your home into interesting canvases. 

Our intention is to provide you with creative walls decor ideas, professional advice, and DIY wall decoration projects that will not only improve the look of your walls but also the quality of your complete living space. Every wall has a story to tell, in our opinion, and we want to help you write yours with style.


About Our Extraordinary Experiences

Wall decor is more than just a topic of conversation at Jenny and Monz—it’s a way of life. We have had amazing experiences turning ordinary rooms into stunning exhibits along our journey. 

Working with creative designers or seeing our readers’ beautiful before-and-after photographs makes every day interesting. We are inspired by the impact wall decor can have on how people live and feel because we have the privilege of assisting people in converting their houses into homes. Explore the virtually infinite alternatives for wall decor with us on jennyandmonz.com.

About Our Core Values

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