Top 24 Exterior Wall Decorating Ideas For The Modern Home

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Are you prepared to turn your house’s exterior into a stylish masterpiece? There’s nowhere else to look! Enhancing the look of your exterior walls requires more than just painting them; it also involves giving each nook and corner a unique personality and charm. From bright murals to elegant wall plants, we’ve gathered the best exterior wall decorating ideas to make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Prepare to let your imagination run wild and transform those boring walls into striking pieces of art!”

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Stunning Exterior Wall decorating Ideas Just For You

If your home’s exterior walls are causing you anxiety, then let them go. For you, Jenny and Monz have gathered 24 outdoor wall decorating ideas. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.    Exterior Wall Decorated In Japanese Style

Exterior wall decorated in Japanese Style

2.    Mexican Architecture On Exterior Wall

Mexican architecture on exterior wall

3.    White Exterior Wall Decorated With Plants And Lantern

White Exterior wall decorated with plants and lantern

4.    Minimalist Exterior Wall Decorating Ideas

Minimalist Exterior wall decorating Ideas

5.    Orange Exterior Wall Decorated With Plants And Lantern

Orange Exterior wall decorated with plants and lantern

6.    Exterior Wall Decorated With Window

Exterior wall decorated with window

7.    Exterior Wall Decorating Ideas In Vintage Style

Exterior wall decorating Ideas in Vintage style

8.    Brick Wall Design On Exterior Wall

Brick wall design on Exterior wall

9.    Decent Exterior Wall Decorating Ideas With Wall Panel And Wall Lantern

Decent Exterior wall decorating Ideas with wall panel and wall lantern

10.Exterior Wall Decorated With Spanish Window

Exterior wall decorated with Spanish Window

11.Exterior Wall Decorating Ideas For A Colonial Style House

Exterior wall decorating Ideas for a colonial style house

12.Brown Felt Texture On Exterior Wall

Brown felt texture on Exterior wall

13.Colorful Mexican Architecture On Exterior Wall

Colorful Mexican architecture on exterior wall

14.Exterior Wall Decorated With Blue Pots And Red Geraniums

Exterior wall decorated with blue pots and Red Geraniums

15.Exterior Wall Decorated In Mexican Style

Exterior wall decorated in Mexican style

16.Exterior Wall Decorated In Brick Style

Exterior wall decorated in brick style

17.Exterior Wall Decorated In Middle East Style

Exterior wall decorated in Middle East style

18.Exterior Wall Decorated With Climbing Plants And Blue Windows

Exterior wall decorated with climbing plants and blue windows

Exterior Wall Design Ideas

While having a perfectly designed home is a dream, most of us find it intimidating. Analyzing your home’s curb appeal, weather, neighborhood, flora, and sunshine requires a lot of thought and preparation. The reason for this is that everyone wants their home to leave a lasting impression.
Make sure your home is both elegant and functional, whether you’re trying to create a new home or renovate an old one. An outdoor wall design well thought out will always win you over as a proud homeowner, as well as the admiration of your neighbors and designer.

Let’s explore the wall textures and colors that best represent modern external wall design ideas.

·        Textures for Exterior Wall Design

Who said wall textures were exclusively for interiors? Consider brick, fabric, or stone walls. Accept textured paints, marble, exposed brick, grasscloth, and other contemporary external wall design ideas. The most popular concepts for exterior wall art ideas are multi-texture walls. Additionally, you are not limited to paints; you can choose any texture you like.

·        Wall colors for exterior wall design

Give up on the traditional monotones and dull off-whites. Try several exterior wall painting ideas, such as earthen brown and green combinations, pink-red lively color schemes, brick-textured color blocking, and grey-blue combinations.

Exterior Wall Color Ideas

Exterior wall color Ideas

Exterior wall painting ideas are great for the outside walls of your house. Main wall of the house can make or break the impression of your house. Never forget to paint them in trendy colors. Jenny and Monz have gathered some ideas for the external walls of your home. Let’s have a look at them.

19.Exterior Wall Painted In Pink Color

Exterior wall painted in pink color

20.Exterior Wall Painted In Yellow Color

Exterior wall painted in yellow color

21.Gray Colored Exterior Wall

Gray colored Exterior wall

22.Exterior Wall Painted In Blue Color

Exterior wall painted in blue color

23.Exterior Wall Painted In Blue And Orange Color

Exterior wall painted in blue and orange color

24.Exterior Wall Painted In Beige Color

Exterior wall painted in beige color

The most popular exterior wall painting color ideas are:

How can I make my house’s exterior look more expensive and lavish?

·        Pay attention to the landscaping:

Bright flowers, clipped bushes, and a well-kept lawn may greatly improve curb appeal. Think about including some ornamental features, such as a water feature or stone walkways.

·        Modernize the front door:

The front door frequently serves as a center point. Think about changing it out for a beautiful, high-quality door that goes well with your home’s architectural design. Decorative hardware can also improve the way it looks.

·        Install outdoor lighting:

Well-planned outdoor lighting may draw attention to architectural details and foster a cozy atmosphere. To highlight important areas, think about installing sconces, path lights, or landscape lighting.

·        Upgrade windows on outside walls:

You can make your home’s outside look better by adding decorative shutters or installing new windows. Select window treatments that go well with the color palette and architectural design.

·        Add architectural details:

Consider incorporating trim, molding, or ornamental accents as architectural details. These can give the outside of your house more flair and elegance.

·        Improve paint or siding:

If your siding is old or worn out, think about replacing it with a high-quality material like brick, stone, or fiber cement. As an alternative, a new coat of paint may refresh your house’s appearance right away.

·        Invest in outdoor furniture and decor:

Attractive planters, accessories, and furniture can improve the entire look of your outside area. Select weather-resistant, high-quality materials that go well with the design of your house.

·        Maintain it well:

To keep your house looking its best, regular cleaning and upkeep are crucial. To keep things looking neat, pressure wash the outside, clean the windows, and trim the trees and bushes regularly.

·        Think about including architectural details:

A covered porch, arches, or columns can all enhance the beauty and elegance of the outside of your house.

·        Establish balance and symmetry.

Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing and might give the impression that your home is more expensive. A balanced landscape design or the addition of complementary objects on either side of the entryway are two ideas to consider.

These exterior wall decorating ideas are highly useful and important for the look of your house. Due to these suggestions, you can transform your house exterior into a lavish one.

How to decorate outdoor walls?

Paint is perhaps the easiest decorating option for an outdoor wall. Masonry paints are imperative to use over ordinary emulsions because they are waterproof, stick to rough and challenging surfaces, and shield external masonry work.

“Before painting, wash exterior walls,” advise the Dulux experts. You should not omit the crucial first step of cleaning your walls. Verify that there are no stains, grime, or debris on your walls. We also advise using Weathershield Multisurface Fungicidal Wash to address any areas of mold or algae. Next, give the entire surface a thorough wash down to get rid of any loose or peeling paint as well as any surface dirt. To guarantee a high-quality finish that lasts for years, make sure you rinse the wall with clean water afterward.

To see how to decorate outdoor walls, click here.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, budding decorators! You’ll be well on your way to renovating your house with these creative exterior wall decoration ideas. Whether you choose a striking mural or a more subtle plant arrangement, the most important thing is to be yourself.

So, gather your plants, pick up your paintbrushes, and let your creativity run free. Your home’s exterior may truly represent your personal style with a little imagination and lots of love. Prepare to turn heads and wow everyone you encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·        Which wall color is most popular in the United States?

A recent research found that the most popular paint colors in the US tend to be a little more neutral, with beiges, grays, and whites at the top of the list.

·        What is the style of wall art?

First, place a number of prints above the sofa that have complementary color schemes. Arrange the wall art in harmony with other vibrant decor. Bookshelves form a natural boundary for wall art. Place accent pieces and tiny framed paintings on the shelves to finish the room’s cohesive design.

·        What kind of walls are trendy right now?

Earthy, muddy tones are definitely in for 2024, and clay-like shades are a highly practical way to embrace this paint trend. Moreover, plaster pinks, pale beiges, and soft brown-tone grays are all incredibly livable and create soft, peaceful rooms.

·         Which color works best on an exterior wall?

For exterior walls, neutral colors like cream, beige, and off-white are among the best paint colors. You may easily choose from the many neutral tones that are available on the market! Warm colors like this have a way of drawing good vibes into your house.

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