The best cheap DIY wall decor ideas for living room

cheap DIY wall decor ideas

Are you ready to make your living room a charming and comfortable retreat without emptying your money account? Stop right there! In this treasury of ingenuity, we reveal a plethora of cheap tricks for adding style and character to your home. Get ready to enter a world of cheap DIY wall decor ideas for living room, and prepare for a voyage packed with innovation and inspiration.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY or just getting started, these creative ideas will bring your walls to life and spark your imagination. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in a decorating experience that won’t break the bank but will leave you spellbound.

Retouch an Old Masterpiece for the living room

autumn leave backdrops cheap DIY wall decor ideas for living room

It’s easy to overlook framed artwork in second-hand stores, garage sales, or even your basement if it doesn’t suit your aesthetic or seems outdated. However, used canvases offer fresh opportunities.

A modern paint-by-number impression, for instance, can be achieved by covering life with new paint. This method makes it possible to alter a painting’s color scheme to suit the buyer better, and it also lends a more contemporary air to the finished product. The best part is that you can be more artistic to accomplish this.

Nature-inspired cheap DIY wall dEcor ideas for living room

cheap DIY wall decor ideas for living room

Nature scenes, whether landscapes, seascapes, or abstract flowers, can bring a sense of calm and peace to any room. Select furniture and decor that work well together in color scheme and style.

You can choose between representational landscapes and more abstract works that emphasize form, color, and shape. No matter what you choose, a living room should feature calming artwork inspired by nature.

Cheap DIY Wall Decor Made from Paper Flowers

green painted wall decor with paper flowers

Do you want to give your home a timeless air of sophistication? Hand craft Paper flowers may not last as long as real ones, but their beauty endures. These tiny flowers, made from natural materials, bring the beauty of nature within without the hassle. Prepare to dig in, round up some materials, and let your imagination go wild. Learn how to make paper flowers; your walls will radiate with color and enduring beauty. Now is the moment to let your imagination run wild with cheap DIY wall decor ideas for living room.

Fabric tapestry wall hanging ideas for living room

living room decorated with fabric tapestry and glass window

Fabric tapestry wall hangings are a great way to explore the world of cheap DIY wall decor ideas for the living room. With the help of these magnificent works, you can easily create a visual masterpiece that matches your taste while remaining within your budget.

You may make a statement item that adds warmth and depth to your area and demonstrates your artistic talent with a few basic materials and a dash of imagination. It’s time to cover your walls elegantly!

Mirror frame for Your living room

cheap wall decor with framed mirror and mostera plant

Making a mosaic mirror frame is not only an interesting DIY project, but it is also an inexpensive method to spruce up your living room and give the impression that there is more room there than there actually is. Collect low-cost materials such as broken tiles or tiles that have been tossed, glass, or even outdated CDs. Make a gorgeous, reflected masterpiece by arranging the tiles imaginatively around a basic mirror frame and grouting them together to create the finished product. This project will fit in perfectly with your cheap DIY wall decor ideas for living room that are favorable to your wallet. 

Chestnut Wood Shims are cheap wall dEcor ideas for living room

living room decorated with chestnut  wood shims

Colored wood shims arranged in a chevron design can provide eye-catching flair to an uninteresting wall. Start this project at your neighborhood hardware store: Get some spray paint and wood shims in your preferred colors. To add even more interest, we randomly display the natural wood shims on the wall.

Jewelry art FOR wall decor

jewelry collection for cheap wall decor

Lovely baubles can be framed and displayed as works of art. This DIY wall art project showcases vintage jewelry or cherished antiques by displaying them in affordable frames purchased from flea markets. To make an attractive arrangement that can also be used to store jewelry, you need to wrap the frames in fabric or paper, add ribbon, and fasten glass knobs to the frames.

You can make your frame by stretching canvas on stretcher bars and then painting or staining it to any color you like. Make a backdrop out of cloth, and then string some twine or picture-hanging wire across the opening in the frame. Just attach photos or other small keepsakes using the clips provided to create a unique and personalized display of cherished recollections.

Display holder as a cheap DIY wall decor idea

magnetic display holder for wall decor

Large-scale art prints and posters can be displayed using a DIY magnetic holder instead of an expensive custom frame. Two boards will be magnetically joined by drilling holes into the pine and inserting disc magnets. The completed holder can be snapped together to securely hold artwork and taken apart as quickly if you decide to switch up your display.

Floating Plant Shelves

floating plant shelves wall decor

Floating plant shelves are a great way to bring outside beauty. Mount some straightforward wooden shelves on the wall, then stock them with your preferred houseplants. Your living space will come to life and be more vibrant due to the vegetation.

Creative Corkboard

corkboard cheap DIY wall decor

If you are passionate about wine, why not make an artistic statement with the corks? Make a one-of-a-kind wall decoration by affixing wine corks to one another in various patterns or forms. Not only this do-it-yourself project look amazing, but it also allows you to relive some of your most memorable times with wine.

Geometric Wall Sculptures ideas for living room

geometric shape interior design for living room

You can make your work of minimalist wall art by assembling geometric shapes made of metal or wooden blocks in a grid design. Design’s smooth curves will give your living area a more contemporary feel.

Typography Inspiring Quotes wall decor ideas

female artist writing inspiring quote on wall

Use relevant quotes to express your originality and encourage your guests simultaneously. Your favorite sayings or slogans can be hand-lettered in graceful cursive or big block letters and painted right onto your wall. Try stencils or vinyl decals for an even more professional appearance.

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Your living space is a blank canvas ready to be infused with your unique sense of style and personality. You can infuse your area with individuality, warmth, and flair by decorating your walls with these cheap DIY wall decor ideas for your living room that won’t break the bank. Therefore, roll up your sleeves, gather your supplies, and unleash your creativity. Your living room will be grateful to you for the updated and revitalized atmosphere that reflects your one-of-a-kind style and personality when you give it a makeover. Have fun with the decorating!


1.   How to decorate living room wall DIY?

Wall art, simple paintings, boho scones, an area with plants to add jungle feelings, a stylish family photo gallery, lights with strings, and mixed frameworks with farmhouse-style antique prints or chic sculpture designs are just some of the options for decorating the small accent wall.

2.   Are these DIY wall decor ideas adaptable?

These concepts are quite adaptable, indeed. Whether your interior decor is modern, rustic, boho, or minimalist, you may adjust the colors, materials, and patterns to fit. The secret is to show off your originality.

3.   How can materials for these DIY projects be sourced affordably?

Repurposing items you already have around the house or looking for supplies at garage sales, thrift shops, or even in nature (like gathering leaves for botanical prints or driftwood for wood wall art) can help you save money. Utilizing leftover paint, fabric, or scrap wood can also reduce costs.

4.   How can I decorate my wall easily?

Create an accent wall with a striking hue, or add pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, or another artistic painting technique. You should also consider remodeling your roof. In a compact room, these details can really stand out.

5.   How to make wall design at home?

Using painter’s tape, you can draw a geometric pattern on the wall that looks great and takes no time at all to make. Apply paint to the wall with a roller. Once it’s dried, take off the tape. A roller is prepared for painting by being wrapped in thread or rope.

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