Creative Ways To Make Your Big Wall Decor Stand Out

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A large living room wall can be decorated in various exciting ways that call for innovation and inspiration. It’s a blank slate that cries out for creativity, like a canvas ready to be painted. This post will examine creative and unique ways to give your home life and personality. We’re going on an adventure to ensure your big wall decor takes center stage, from the attractiveness of shelves to the adaptability of built-ins, the impact of striking wall art, and the draw of captivating mirrors. Let’s get started!

How to decorate a big wall for living room?

If you are thinking about big wall decor for living room, then dear, stay here on this post. By reading our big wall decor ideas, you’ll never ask this question again i.e., ‘How to decorate a big wall?’

·        Opt for built-ins

Built inn for a big wall decor in living room

The space on a plain wall begs to be filled with stylish storage and display options, such as built-ins. Consider incorporating floor-to-ceiling built-ins into the design to maximize space. Now, not only will you have spots to display your beloved art, books, and collections, but built-ins are a creative way to help blend a TV into your living room. Additionally, you will have plenty of storage room for the stuff you previously needed assistance storing.

·        Illuminate the area

Wall scones on a big wall

Wall illumination will make the room appear larger, brighter, and more comfortable. If the overhead lighting is dim or the living room does not receive a great deal of natural light, installing additional wall lighting can help to balance it out. Wall sconces are an excellent option, but if you’re not prepared to hire an electrician to hardwire new lights, consider remote-controlled light bulbs.

·        Create a basket wall.

Baskets for Big wall decor

For yet another wall decoration idea, attach baskets to your wall! Any room, whether you want to go bright or neutral, may benefit from the addition of a variety of baskets in different sizes and materials.

·        Consider becoming greener

Greenery on a big wall

It’s not necessary for plants to only be on the windowsill. Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to add some greenery and wildlife to your walls. If you prefer watering plants, you may choose a superior artificial plant instead and no one will likely ever know the difference. Greenery will reduce stress and depression from your life.

·        Install your television.

Big wall decor for living room

Another route to take? Your TV should be mounted. A flat screen can be a great way to change the look of your living room or bedroom, enhance your wall, and free up space above your media cabinet. Additionally, certain televisions, such as the appropriately called “The Frame,” are made to appear like works of art when turned off.

·        Use shiplap for wall paneling.

Shiplap on a big wall

Shiplap paneling is a terrific way to give any room a breezy, beachy feel. If your walls in the dining room, bedroom, foyer, or bathroom are in need of an update, you might want to install the wooden boards often used as exterior cladding.

·        Large canvas wall art for living room

Large canvas wall art on a big blue wall

When you have a lot of space, avoid small works of art instead of large ones. On a large wall, oversized artwork creates an immediate focal point and dramatic effect. Whether it’s a big wall painting or a photograph, you can experiment with colors and textures to set the mood and aesthetic of the room. If you lack the funds for a custom piece of art, use a photo you adore or paint a canvas to display in your home.

How to decorate a large wall in bedroom?

·        Build constellations

Constellations on a big wall decor
Constellations on a big wall decor

Make a little world to hang above your headboard. It’s a simple but effective large wall décor DIY project:

  • Create a template.
  • Attach it to the wall using tape.
  • Weave white yarn between roofing nails painted white to imitate stars.

·        Add an accent wall.

Accent big wall decor in bedroom

Consider decorating the surfaces themselves in addition to displaying objects on them. Make a statement with a bold coat of paint, or add texture and pattern with wallpaper, stencils, or other decorative painting methods by focusing on a single wall. When you’re doing it, think about upgrading your ceiling! In a small space, these ornamental touches may have an even greater influence.

·        Put a rug or tapestry on a hook.

Tapestry on big wall decor in bedroom

By choosing the right rug for a room, you may enhance the big wall decor for bedroom with color and texture. The same can be said for displaying a beautiful rug or tapestry on a large wall instead of a floor. Putting a textile on your wall creatively creates visual interest and occupies the empty space.

·        Exhibit sculpted wall lights.

Lights for big wall decor in bedroom

Sconces provide illumination without requiring any additional floor or table space. Choose a stunning pattern that may double as a wall sculpture to get a sense of both sophistication and illumination.

·        Large metal wall art

Metal wall art in bedroom

Large metal wall art may make a strong statement. These striking items command attention and exude elegance. They are made from high-quality materials and give your design a contemporary edge, creating a focal point that will undoubtedly make an impact.

What to do with an empty wall in living room?

·        Exhibit a selection of mirrors for your big wall decor

Mirror on a green colored big wall

Mirrors give the appearance of more room and light in a location. Even if you are decorating a room with plenty of square footage, adding a collection of mirrors or an oversized mirror to a large, blank wall is a beautiful way to bring life to a dull wall. The mirrors will help to make the room appear more uniform and spacious.

If you lack the funds for a large mirror, consider constructing a gallery wall with several smaller mirrors. Mix and coordinate to create a personalized design.

·        Assemble shelves

Shelves for a large wall decor

If you require additional space on the floor for shelves, move your library to the wall. To hold hardcover books, miniature sculptures, and other random stuff, install floating shelves.

·        Bohemian-style Big Wall Décor

Bohemian style large wall decor

Choose large wall decor to add a Bohemian accent to your living room. Consider a contemporary multi-panel print complementing the boho style. Choose a botanical print with a minimal design for a foolproof and stylish appearance. Combining an image with vintage furniture blends classic and modern styles.

In addition to the traditional bohemian textiles such as crochet, macrame, and wicker, incorporate luxurious fabrics such as velvet. For the best flow and equilibrium, pick a piece of art that complements the colors in your room while retaining a candid design.

·        Use a giant whiteboard or chalkboard to set the mood.

Large whiteboard on a big wall

A large board is a practical addition to any area, including a kitchen, a playroom, and an office. Whiteboards are modern substitutes for chalkboards, and they come in a wide range of colors and designs. A chalkboard can give any room a more country feel. You may go one step further and use Paint to cover a whole wall, creating a surface that can be written on.

·        Create a customized map to track your travels.

World map on a big wall

Make a big world map part of the design of your room. A customized map of a city, state, nation, or world can be ordered in almost any color scheme. You may make it incredibly personalized by placing pins to the locations you’ve been or intend to go.

·        Mount plates

Plates on a yellow colored big wall

Why keep your exquisite chinaware hidden in the cabinet when you can display it? Using wire plate hangers, you may showcase your favorite serving trays and dinnerware. This might be the move for you if you’re a design item collector—we’ve even seen breadboards displayed as works of art on the walls of a Brooklyn brownstone.

·        Attach your bicycle to a wall.

Bicycle on a big wall

Creating a stylish and clever method of wall-mounting your bicycles can free up valuable floor space and give your otherwise blank wall a point of interest. This is one of the most excellent and helpful wall decor concepts out there.

Big wall decor Online in the US

Big wall decor online

Enhance your room with gorgeous huge wall décor from the internet! Find a world of creation right at your fingertips, from captivating canvas prints to handcrafted tapestries. Use creative patterns that showcase your sense of style to transform your walls into works of art.

Discover the wealth of giant wall art on Etsy and Amazon, where artists display their skills. Find one-of-a-kind items that will turn any space into your gallery. With these fantastic designs, you may give your house more personality and charm.

Wrapping Up

Remember that your house reflects your personality and sense of style as we come to a close on this journey through the world of interior design. It’s a chance to express who you are and share an extraordinary tale. Whether you embrace the quirkiness of a Bohemian touch or revel in the elegance of massive metal wall art, you are armed with an arsenal of creative ideas to transform that enormous expanse into a compelling masterpiece that demands attention. So, create your large wall decor as a valid focal point in your house by using creativity as your guide. Enjoy your decorating!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·        What exactly is minimalist wall art?

Clear and uncomplicated. Your area will feel contemporary thanks to the primary wall art’s one-color scheme, clear lines, and simplicity. When minimalist artwork is combined with an open floor plan, your living space will appear bigger and lighter.

·        What can you hang on the wall?

You can hang anything that you want. For-example, you can hang:

  • Frames
  • Paintings
  • Mirrors
  • Shelves
  • Baskets
  • Clocks

·        How should a mirror wall be decorated?

Putting things close together creates a striking, three-dimensional appearance. In front of the mirror wall, set up an accent table with a flower arrangement or beautiful lamp. Hang some plants to the side of the mirror using ceiling hooks, or use adhesive tabs to hang a tapestry or piece of center-framed art on the mirror.

·        What causes a wall to appear larger?

Light colors make a place look more prominent, whether you’re using paint or wallpaper. Instead of selecting darker colors that absorb light and close up the space, try utilizing lighter hues that open up the area, such as whites, creams, stone colors, or even pale grey or icy blue.

·        How do you hang something on a tall wall?

Increase your size. Large-scale artwork is a simple way to add coziness to a large wall. Larger horizontal pieces have the strength to counteract the emptiness without dominating the space. You can employ color and topic matter to make the room feel more intimate and less corporate.

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